Holly Everingham

Assistant Engineer



Holly Everingham excelled in her Bachelor of Audio Engineering and Sound Production at JMC Academy and has shown her determination to a career in the industry spending the past few years working across multiple studios in Sydney. Over the past year, Holly’s been a regular at Kiln and A Sharp Recording Studios, assisting the many talented artists and Producers, always keen to hone her skills and learn from the many talented individuals that visit the studios.

Music has been a major part of Holly’s life since childhood, being a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and songwriter herself. Holly’s music passion is to collaborate and work with each artist, and in turn help turn their vision into a reality; it’s what motivates Holly. At any stage in a project, Holly’s shown a dedication to the art and is here to assist in recording, mixing and offer her production skills and knowledge. We believe she’s talented and are pleased to have her as part of the team. 

Partial List of Clients and Credits

Inferno | Brendan Carny | Reborn Freedom | Gene Griffin | Lilly Foster | NoHalo | Jess Reiss | Josh Pershouse | Naz Hasan | Paul Turner | NFI | Ms.D | Oly Sherman | Christian John Rainer



“Holly continually shows not only an aptitude to audio engineering and sound production, but more importantly enthusiasm, dedication and passion for the craft. She is always punctual and polite on sessions and a great energy in the room. Holly surely has bright things in her future!”

- Nick Franklin

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