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Kiln Studios

Unit 32, 2 Bishop Street, St Peters,
Sydney 2044
02 9565 2889

Located in Sydney’s creative Inner West, Kiln Recording Studios was built with care and attention to detail to provide Freelance Audio Producers and Engineers with an audio production facility of the absolute highest level in terms of modern studio workflow, accurate monitoring and excellent acoustics.

Affordable and approachable, Kiln Studios offers two meticulously-designed recording studios, each with their own unique recording and production workflows. Kiln Studios provides a forward-thinking stylish recording experience for music and vocal production.

Studio 1

Studio 1 is Kiln Studios premium vocal production/audio mixing/overdub space, marking the final point in a pristine monitoring chain; featuring Australia’s first pair of Adam Audio S5H’s and Grace Monitor Controller.

Studio 2

Studio 2 is a perfect space for electronic audio production and vocal recording, this working living space offers engineer/producers a familiar workflow with high-end nearfield monitoring and an impressive array of sample libraries and vocal chain.

Kwame . Slow Culture . Havex . Jazzy K . Mel Bailey . Oly Sherman . Vestige . Phil Fresh

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Kiln Studios
Unit 32
2 Bishop Street
St Peters
Sydney 2044

02 9565 2889

Email – Richard Lake via