Associated Producers

Kiln Studios Producers

Tony Wall

After spending seven years as a professional touring musician Tony Wall moved into music recording at 23 years of age. Starting with a two year apprenticeship at Paradise Studios in Sydney, he learned the fundamentals of analogue recording technology while working under some of Australia’s finest Recording Engineers and Producers.


Matt Borsos, also known as “Gambino” is a well-established Producer, Mixing Engineer, and Mastering Engineer based in Sydney Australia.


PAX - an emerging European music producer residing in Sydney, Australia is on the come up and has tunnel vision to grow the Australian music culture to a wider scale audience worldwide.

Matt ‘XIRO’ Fioravanti

Matt 'xiro' Fioravanti is a mixer, engineer and producer in Sydney with a deep passion for all forms and types of music, stemming from his teenage years playing Upright bass, Guitar and Saxophone in different jazz and funk ensembles. 

Nick Hatzakos

Nick is an up and coming Recording Engineer, Mix Engineer and Producer based in Sydney, Australia. After discovering a passion for music at a young age, Nick has always known that he wanted to pursue a life surrounded by music.

Holly Everingham

Holly Everingham excelled in her Bachelor of Audio Engineering and Sound Production at JMC Academy and has shown her determination to a career in the industry spending the past few years working across multiple studios in Sydney.

Ollie Roland

For hip-hop artist and music producer, Ollie Roland, capturing sounds and music that not only speak for now, but reflect and respect that which has come before, while also striving to create something new and future-facing is woven into his very DNA.

Ben Briddon

Ben Briddon is a Sydney based recording, mixing and mastering engineer with several years of experience across various genres. He has honed his skills and is able to bring a high level of expertise to every project he works on.

 Tom Haeusler

Firmly established in the Sydney music scene with 22 years of playing guitar with a solid foundation of production and engineering, Tom, a multi-instrumentalist has recently also dived into the Synth world; experimenting with soundscape and textures to enhance the music.