Saturday 4th April 2020 - 11am to 1pm - $55.00 per person

Working with the Kick Drum and Bass Line

 Learning experience into working the relationship between the Kick Drum and Bass Line. How do you make it work and who will win the “Low End Battle” to make your track deep and powerful! Compression tricks, duplicating tracks to break a Kick Drum apart and putting it back together to make a huge kick sound, Bass Compression and EQ tricks, creating various layers to deal with the sub frequencies  and techniques for them to cut through all listening environments.


What you Will Learn. 

  • An understanding into the concepts of compression and how to make it work with your songs.
  • An understanding into EQ techniques for the Kick Drum and your Bass Line.
  • An EQ Cheat Sheet for those frequencies to get your Kicks and Bass to cut through and add the impact you want.
  • How to engage the relationship between the Kick and Bass to see who wins that “Low End Battle”
  • Concepts into creating layers to sonically pull apart a Kick and Bass and how to put it back together.
  • Concepts into Side Chaining to create space and movement.
  • An understanding into techniques to tonally shape your Kick and Bass to create a great foundation to build upon.
  • A way to add more excitement to your productions to further add to the listening journey for your audience.
  • Course Outcome
  • Having a better understanding of working with Compression to incorporate into your music productions, recording and mixing.
  • A further understanding in EQ techniques to incorporate into your productions, mixing and songs intent.
  • An understanding into concepts, techniques and practices to work with the Kick Drum and Bass Line to aid in your production, ideas, song development and creating a listening journey for your listener.

Hosted by internationally-renowned record producer & educator Ganesh Singaram (Pharrell Williams, Swedish House Mafia), and Senior Acoustician & Studio Designer Daniel Natoli (in association with DNA, Kiln Studios & AKA Acoustics).
We're here to provide concise, useful information - and create a community to share our experience and knowledge to help make our dreams of making music better!

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Saturday 4th April 2020 - 11am to 1pm

Kiln Studios

Unit 32 / 2 Bishop Street, St. Peters

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