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Saturday 13th July - 10:00am to 3:00pm - $45 per person.

ESPA - Mix Deconstruction

"So Grimey" by Mitchos Da Menace

ESPA – ‘HipHop Producer Supreme’ – is considered by many in the industry to be one of Australia’s finest HipHop Rap Producers right now with a career that’s spanned 20 years within Australian and International HipHop.  ESPA’s worked with some renowned artist both Nationally and International such as Pharrell William, Future, Young Buck, Sewwdish House Mafia, Kerser, Rates, Mitchos Da Menace, Triple One, LGEEZ, Fortay, Nihilist and Dseeva (SubC), Last Minute Productions, Noyz & Dysty Loops (Canada-Waggles and Beatz) to name but a few and even mentored from one of New Yorks finest, Young Guru.


Limited to only a handful of people, ESPA will cover in this intimate Masterclass his approached to the song ‘SO GRIMEY’, a critically acclaimed release of Australian Rap Artist Mitchos Da Menace.


Over 4 hours ESPA will be covering various aspects of the mix including:

  • Vocal production, the chain and process behind tracking the vocal.
  • Vocal editing and choosing the right takes.
  • Vocal mixing concepts including a look at the tools used and in ‘So Grimey’.
  • Low Frequency mixing techniques
  • Digital analogue depth techniques to add space within the mix
  • Mental and conceptual mixing approach to the vibe of the song.
  • Deconstruct of the music and processing overall of the song.

If you have any questions or want to arrange a 1 on 1 mixing session with ESPA for your own track then please reach out to;


or call the team on 02 9565 2889.

Looking forward to seeing you there!